Chestnut Beryl

Chestnut Beryl

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Beryl in chestnut. The shoulder strap of this bag is made from a beautiful salvaged English bridle leather rein. Soft, supple and full of character with a wonderful patina - uniquely marked by age and experience. The front buckle is cast brass.

This bag was used in a photoshoot and has a couple of marks on the back (see photo) - for this reason I have reduced the price. These marks will fade as the bag is used and loved and they really don’t affect the way it looks.


Inspired by the classic satchel, Beryl is simple, elegant and made by hand to last a lifetime.

Beryl is completely hand made and hand stitched, using the finest French linen thread.

The body of the bag is made from the highest quality vegetable tanned shoulder which is soft, lustrous and shows all the natural character of the hide. 

Dimensions: 27.5cm x 21cm x 7cm 

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